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Introducing the ultimate race simulator that uses real world driving data to maximize your racing performance

01 Experience

We offer a racing simulator that takes real world driving data from your own Porsche Racecar or Porsche Roadcar to get you as close as possible to your own real world racing experience, so when you get back to the real race track, all of the virtual training will pay off in racing performance improvements.
We record all of your racing data from the track, including breaking and accelerating point, gear selection, steering angle etc.
We offer an intelligent AI race assistant which analyses your race data to make a series of race driving recommendations. This can include gear selection and breaking point. These recommendations can be made whilst racing or part of the post-race analysis, and is applicable for use on the track and in the simulator.  We also offer access to experienced race coaches who can also help guide you.
In the race simulator, you will drive your car with the setup you want, on your preferred race track, applying the race driving recommendations from our intelligent AI race assistant and racing coaches.
Returning to the track, you can put to the test your virtual experience to see how much of an improvement you have made, and of course each time, we analyze your race performance to help you improve.
Even if you don’t have a Porsche, you can enjoy our virtual racing experience where you can select from an array of virtual race cars and tracks, and still become part of the Simutrack community
Built with performance, luxury, and personalization in mind

02 Capability

We offer a racing simulator that is designed and built to last with high quality components
The frame combines a premium build quality with the strength and rigidity required to avoid flex.
The motion system will accurately transfer road textures, engine vibrations, and simulate the forces experienced in a real car. Only available with the Simutrack Ultra
Best in-class sim racing wheel with a genuine brand feel and intuitive feedback. Other possibilities include more Porsche like options, including the Porsche 911 GT2 wheel.
Performance-orientated pedals with low friction. They are fully adjustable to your preference.
Simulates both synchromesh and dog engagement. Wide range of adjustment for optimum feel.
Single ultrawide gaming monitor with 240Hz refresh rate, great motion handling, and HDMI 2.1.
A community of members that are passionate about racing

03 Community

Simutrack has its own community of enthusiasts with whom you can share your racing experiences with.
Share driving tips and race data to help improve each others performance. You can also communicate with each other and create groups, including messaging (speech to text), and voice and/or video call functionality via the simulators integrated camera and accessory headset that we provide as standard.
Community members can participant in a race series and weekly racing challenges where you can compete against each other. For each racing achievement you will be awarded with a unique badge and a highlights video reel of your success that you can socialize within the community and via other social media platforms.
A simulator that has options to cater to every need

04 Models

Simutrack offers two different models with their own capabilities and options to cater to each customer’s specific requirements
Our standard offering comes with high quality hardware, a software offering including data analytics and racing recommendations, access to our racing coaches, and you become part of the Simutrack community and it’s race series.  

Starting from 25000€ / $27000
Our Ultra offering has all of the core capabilities delivered by our standard simulator, but also includes some unique features.

  • A motion system that simulates the forces experienced in a real car,
  • Complimentary access to our experienced racing coaches for a set period
  • And customization options to the colour scheme and exclusive decals, including those that match your real race or road car.  
Starting from 50000€ / $54000